Services Pancura provides the following services for your AIF

Pancura provides state of the art AIFM services to AIFs investing in Real Assets such as Real Estate and Private Equity. Our complementary services will be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of your AIF project. Click on the services below to learn what we can do for you.

  • Risk Management & Valuation Services

  • Portfolio Management Services

  • Distribution Services

  • Regulatory Reporting Services

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Risk Management & Valuation Services

Identification and assessment of risks to which AIFs may be exposed
Implementation and review of Risk Management Policies
Ongoing monitoring of the AIF, the counterparties as well as 3rd parties
Implement regular risk reporting to the Board of the AIF
Select, appoint and monitor the external valuer(s)
Ensure the independent valuation of the AIF’s assets

Portfolio Management Services

Execution of the AIF’s investment strategy
Liaise with the investment manager / advisors
Support and perform Portfolio Management (if needed)

Distribution Services

Benefit from an European wide Marketing Passport
Benefit from our distribution experience in Germany and Austria
Monitoring of distributors in the EU

Regulatory Reporting Services

Take care of the AIF & AIFM reporting requirements
Provide regular reporting to the ManCo/GP of the AIF